Topcomputing - Computer Tuition At All Levels

Here at Topcomputing we uderstand that there are people out there who are simply too frightened or too shy to say "I don't understand computers". Heck - we don't have a clue about fixing cars or drilling teeth ! Everyone needs to learn something new, and we have the patience and understanding to help you learn. It gives us a huge amount of satisfaction  to watch as the mist clears and you say "Ah! I get it".

Example Areas of Tuition covered:

  • Spyware/Virus/Adware Removal
  • Internet Setup
  • Sending/Receiving Email
  • Using Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Office - Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook
  • Editing Pictures
  • Password Recovery
  • Data Recovery
  • Windows Installations
  • Backup and Restore
  • Transferring Data to a New PC
  • Beginners Guide to Programming

We specialise in private one-to-one tuition, however we can teach small groups provided it is basic tuition required. More complex tuition requires a one-to-one approach. For a quote on Fees and availability please use our Get a Quote page.

If you just want to call us to see if we can cater for your learning needs, please visit our contact us page for full instructions on the best ways to get in touch.